Under the Skin


Mon 28 Apr 2014, 9:30am


Submitted by Alec Barclay on

I enjoyed reading your review Brian, and was interested to note that you are finding it hard to get the film out of your head. I'm having the same 'problem'. Isn't that why the Guiness advert is so popular? Accepting the fact that Glazer is one of the best advertising film directors around, then this film has to have hidden depths and meaning: not all immediately obvious. In my introduction I said that Danny Leigh referred to it as a masterpiece, and I think he quite correct. My only reservation about it is that I am not so sure it will have bus loads of tourists flocking to visit the locations, as the Scottish landscape was brilliantly depicted as a threatening place. However, in contrast, there was a great warmth from the characters Johansson met on her travels ... apart from the man in the woods of course!

Submitted by Brian Matthews on

We have certainly had some interesting films at the Film Club recently, and many that have raised some good discussions.

Submitted by Pat P on

Agree, this is one of those films that get "under the skin". There were times when I felt it dragged slightly, but there was enough to make me want to keep watching to see what happens. The photography/cinematography was incredible at times, particularly of the natural environment - real art. I found the part with the actor, Adam Pearson, started to give the film more depth. There was humour in him pinching himself, as if he couldn't believe his luck in being picked up by this beautiful woman. And the "alien" saw the human being underneath the skin deformity, and this, to me, is where she began to "turn native" by allowing him to live...and where all her problems began, of course. A thought provoking film.