Mon 9 Dec 2013, 6:30pm


Submitted by Pat P on

I like Steve Cougan's acting and sense of humour, but did wonder if he would turn this serious subject into a comedy farce. However, not only did he co-write an intelligent, insightful and also humourous script (thank goodness, as this film could have been harrowing), I also think he made a successful transition from comedian to serious actor. I, too, could watch this film again, but only because of the acting and the light touches in the script! The story itself is tragic, and terrible to think it happened in the so-called more enlightened, advanced West.

Submitted by Brian Matthews on

I enjoyed the review and was pleasantly surprised, I also did not except to much from the film but sounds better than the normal grey pound 'feel good movie' (now theres a description that puts me off a film) I've even added it to my Love film list! Regarding Pats comments on Steve Googan I have seen him in two films in the last year that I would recommend What Maisie Knew (2012) and The Look of Love (2013) where he plays Paul Raymond.

Submitted by Pat P on

Thanks for the recommendations, Brian. Will try to get them. Have just ordered Alpha Papa . (Prefer a comedy for Christmas!)