Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit



Submitted by Pat P on

You are right Brian. An action genre film HAS to be exciting, or what is the point of it. How sad that Kenneth Branagh disappoints, as he is one of my favourite actors - though i suppose the script could be blamed? I don't know how you managed to sit through it.

Submitted by Brian Matthews on

Its a very rare occasion that I walk out during a film Pat!!!!

Submitted by Pat P on

Ah, I thought it was one you had hired on dvd, but then I see it is a brand new film. Yes, I can honestly say I have never walked out on a film at the cinema. Though I have sometimes closed my eyes if its a very scary film! That is why I avoid them these days. I once shut my eyes at a very tense moment in "Alien", and then wondered what the fuss about the film was! Missing the most famous few seconds in the film!