The Grand Budapest Hotel


Mon 14 Apr 2014, 7:30pm


Submitted by Michael Gray on

Yes I laughed and it was fun spotting (or occasionally not) cameo and other appearances, but as time recedes I'm sloping to Conner's discussion view that overall the film is unsatisfactory. The Fiennes character and the Bell Boy's wife and baby 'die' by way of offhand narrative comments near the end of the film, while there really isn't much character development. Fiennes' occasional outburst of bad language feels on a par with those second rate 'alternative' comedians who use it for shock effect while simultaneously failing to be genuinely funny.

Like Darjeeling Express express much more, and have re-watched it on DVD. Don't feel inclined to this with 'Budapest Hotel'.

Submitted by Brian Matthews on

I can’t help but wonder why Conner found this movie unsatisfactory? Unsatisfactory is not a word I would use to describe it, nor would most of Thursday nights RBC audience who like my self found it very funny and highly entertaining. I don’t believe that Wes Anderson meant this film to be a serious piece of art house cinema. The characters were imaginative and I for one did not require to their life history to enjoy the performances given by the actors. A cameo is a cameo we don’t need an in-depth study of each one! Unlike Mike I would happily sit through the film again.