The Epic Of Everest


Mon 17 Feb 2014, 6:30pm


Submitted by Michael Gray on

Considering the filming limitations of the time my opinion is that this was an admirable documentary leaving one with a strong sense of the majesty of the mountains, and Everest in particular. It's too easy to judge these things through modern eyes satiated with high quality imagery using far lighter & more sophisticated equipment (and all to often with an annoying intrusive music soundtrack). It must have been absolutely sensational when first shown in 1924/25. I do agree that there are surprisingly few shots of the expedition members - in particular I don't remember close footage of George Mallory himself, other than the portraits at the end of the film, obviously taken from formal family (?) photographs. As for the the unwashed picturesque natives, I couldn't help speculating during the showing that had Capt Noel taken his camera into some of the backstreets of Belfast/Leeds/Oldham/London etc etc in the mid 20's he might have encounter some closer to home 'unwashed natives', perhaps less picturesque and likely less friendly!! Mike